Phoenix Bass, the company that built the Barge Anchorage to be the largest and longest boat in the world, has announced a partnership with the U.S. Navy to develop a new “barge” designed to take more than 1,000,000 gallons of fuel per day from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The Barge is a 50-foot tall vessel that can hold nearly 2,000 tons of cargo.

It is powered by a 20-foot-long diesel engine that will run on diesel fuel for four days and then on gasoline.

“It’s a completely new concept for the company,” said John Stauber, president and CEO of Phoenix Bass.

“We’re developing the first electric-powered boat.

That’s a tremendous opportunity for the U and U.K. governments to partner with us in the exploration of electric power.”

The Bateau Anchorage will be launched in 2019 and will be the first of two new offshore electric boats that will operate in the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2020, the new ships will also launch from the U, which has already taken a stab at creating a new generation of offshore oil and gas platforms.

Staubers statement came in response to an interview that he gave to The Associated Press earlier this month, in which he said the Bateaus had a “lot of opportunities” for future exploration in the region, including the development of new oil and natural gas resources.

“That’s a great opportunity to partner and explore a lot of those opportunities, and we think we have a great team that’s ready to help with that,” he said.

“The company is looking forward to developing this new generation platform in the future, and that’s what we’re doing here.”

Stauberg said the company will work with the Navy to design and build the Baceau Anchorages propulsion system.

The company has already built two offshore electric-driven ships in the Gulf of Mexico.

They are the USS Batea and the USS Anchorage.

Stausber said the Navy was interested in working with Phoenix Bass because of the company’s experience in developing and delivering the ships that were built in the 1970s.

The new ships would be operated by Phoenix as well as the U-S Navy’s Fleet Surface Combatant Program.

Stutzman, the Navy’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy, said he was “thrilled” to see a partnership between the Navy and the Navy.

“This partnership with Phoenix is a great example of the strength of the U/S relationship,” he told reporters.

“Phoenix is an important partner in the Navy; the partnership with them is a terrific example of how the Navy is using technology and engineering to advance maritime operations in the Arctic and Pacific Ocean.”

Stutzmen statement was issued after a visit to the company on May 18.

Stiles said the USS San Diego was one of the first two U.N. vessels to use an electric propulsion system, but he was unable to name which ship was the first.

The USS San Antonio was the second ship to use electric propulsion, in 1985.

Staulers statement also included the following statement from St. Johns Hopkins University, which also has been working on developing an electric-drive propulsion system for the San Diego: “The Bateaum is an extraordinary project.

It’s the largest offshore oil rig to date and will play a critical role in advancing U.s.

Arctic and offshore oil exploration.

It will also provide us with the opportunity to test electric propulsion systems in the area.”

Stausberg said that the U’s Department of Energy and its partners would work with Phoenix in an effort to develop an electric boat.

St. Andrews University, the US.

Naval Academy, the Royal U. K. and other partners will also work with Staubbers team to develop electric propulsion.

The San Diego will have its electric propulsion installed in 2019.


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