By Michael J. Casey, Associated Press U.N. climate change talks have been in limbo since 2015.

Now, as the U., China and other countries seek to reach a deal to slow climate change and avoid dangerous warming, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to revive the U,China and other nations who have resisted action to curb emissions from their economies.

The U.KS. government and industry groups have called on May to bring the climate negotiations to a close as soon as possible and have accused her of seeking to undermine them.

May, a longtime skeptic of global warming and a former leader of the pro-business U.KN, said the talks could last several weeks and it was time to get things moving.

May’s office said the British government has sent an urgent letter to the U.’s top climate negotiator to say it wants to continue the talks.

May did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

The letter said the U’s “leadership and global leadership in this area is not sufficient and we are in a position to provide the United States with a more robust position on this important global challenge.”

The U.,China and Japan have the biggest economies and the world’s largest carbon dioxide emissions.

U.SK leaders have said the emissions must be brought under control by 2030 to avoid a rise in sea levels.

May also said in an interview on the British public broadcaster ITV on Sunday that she would make a speech on climate on Tuesday in London.

May is seeking to be re-elected to a fourth term as British Prime Minister in 2019.

Her Conservatives, who lost seats in a June snap election to remain in the European Union, are seeking a coalition with the U’s center-left Liberal Democrats.

May won the June snap poll but will face an election in 2019, when she is expected to run for a fourth five-year term.


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