The first president to take office after the death of the country’s first African American president, Donald Trump, on Tuesday, the nation’s first female president, Hillary Clinton, has been in the news a lot lately.

Trump won with a record-breaking margin in the Electoral College, a majority that, while not a perfect representation of the electorate, helped ensure a victory that will likely be seen as an electoral landslide.

But for many African Americans, Clinton’s victory marked the end of a tumultuous time.

In the last week, several high-profile black men have been accused of sexual assault.

The president-elect, meanwhile, has faced allegations of sexual misconduct against his former campaign manager, Paula Jones, and a slew of women who have accused him of sexual harassment.

Clinton is the first female leader of the United States to win an election in the modern era.

Some African Americans have taken to social media to express frustration at the lack of diversity in the Trump administration.

Black Americans have historically been much less likely to vote in presidential elections, and they are not a majority of the American population, according to the Pew Research Center.

More than half of African Americans under 30 voted for Trump, according the 2016 election.

African Americans voted for Clinton by a landslide of over 75 percent in 2008, but the percentage dropped to around 30 percent in 2016, according a 2016 analysis by the Brookings Institution.

Trump, however, won the Electoral Vote by nearly 3 million votes, and he is projected to win 306 electoral votes.

His margin of victory, of course, will not be enough to ensure the presidency.

He has to win 270 Electoral College votes to win, or 270 of the 2,382 electoral votes that will be needed to win the White House.


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