A new breed of bass head has emerged in recent years and can help bassists avoid injury while playing bass.

But, they aren’t the only ones using them.

Here are some of the other ways you can use them.1.

Neck braces1.

The neck braces are the most common.

These are the braces that sit on the top of the neck and hold the neck in place.

They’re often called “headbands.”2.

Neck strapsThe straps are made of nylon or plastic and attach to the back of the bass head.

They help protect the neck from bending or snapping.3.

Neck braceThe neck brace is made of a flexible plastic material that attaches to the neck.

It also allows the head to rest on the bass, which reduces neck strain.4.

Neck padThe pad is attached to the bass by a strap or strap buckle that goes under the bass.

This allows the bass to rest in the bass while still being able to move.5.

HeadbandThe headband is attached by a piece of metal that wraps around the neck, under the neck brace, and above the bass’ head.

This prevents the head from moving when the bass is in a standing position.6.

Neck plateThe neck plate is made from a flexible material that wraps under the head and is attached below the neck braces.

This reduces neck pressure, allowing the bassist to move the head.7.

Neck wrapThe neck wrap is a rubberized, metal-and-plastic material that can be placed over the neck to help reduce neck strain and prevent it from hurting.8.

Neck collarThe neck collar is attached above the neck by a metal buckle that extends over the back and underneath the bass body.

This helps protect the bass from neck pain and helps prevent the bass in a seated position.9.

Neck paddingThe padding is a soft, padded material that is attached at the bottom of the body and below the padding, making it easier to move around.10.

Neck strapThe strap is attached around the bass’s neck and below it by a leather or rubber band that goes down below the bass under the padding.11.

Neck buckleThe buckle is attached under the front of the head by a thick metal strap.

It can help protect against neck injuries, especially when the neck is bent or snapped.12.

Neck neck braceThe brace is a rigid piece of material that’s attached to either the neck or the front neck, the front that goes underneath the headband and above or below the headrest.

It prevents the bass player from bending the neck while in a sitting position.13.

Neck padsThe pads are soft and flexible plastic that wrap under the muscles of the back.

This decreases neck strain when the head is in the upright position.14.

Neck armThe arm is made up of two parts: the wrist and the elbow.

The wrist and elbow are the two parts of the arm that are closest to the muscle of the hand.

When the wrist is bent, it can cause the hand to move in a way that can cause a hand injury.15.

Neck stretchThe neck stretch is a stretch that stretches the muscles in the neck muscles.

This can cause neck pain, especially if the neck area is tight.16.

Neck compressionThe neck compression can cause pain, and can even cause numbness and tingling.17.

Neck crampThe neck cramp can be caused by tension in the muscles at the back, neck, or shoulder of the muscles, especially in a bass player.18.

Neck strainThe neck strain can cause back and shoulder pain, neck pain or pain in the upper back, shoulder pain or tingles, or neck pain.19.

Neck sprainThe neck sprain can occur when the muscles that hold the bass neck in its place become too tight, especially on the wrist.


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