Double bass pedal: It’s the new thing, right?

With its dual bass drum and bass pedals, this bass pedal can handle up to eight-string basses, bass drums, banjos, upright basses and more.

But how do you set it up?

Here’s how to do it.

Bass pedal video How to set up a Monster bass: Double bass video Double bass box: The box of Monster basses looks like a normal bass box.

But it contains two bass drum pedals and a bass pedal pedal, so it can be used as both a bass drum pedal and a kick drum pedal.

How to setup a Monster double bass box Double bass drum: Double the bass drum.

Double the kick drum.

The bass pedal controls the volume of the bass signal.

How do I set up my Monster double Bass box?

Double bass plug: Plug the Monster bass box into your computer, smartphone or Bluetooth headset.

Double bass guitar plug: Connect the Monster guitar plug to the Monster double-bass pedal.

Double pedal: Plug in the Monster pedal to the bass pedal input on your computer or smartphone.

Double kick drum plug: The Monster kick drum comes with two kick drum pedals.

How does the Monster kick-drum work?

The Monster bass plug connects to the kick-drums output on the monster bass box, which controls the kick signal.

The kick drum on the other hand, controls the bass level.

How many kick-sticks can I play with the Monster?

The number of kick-tunes you can play with each of the Monster Bass pedals depends on your bass playing style.

The Monster double pedal comes with six kick-sticks and six kick drumsticks.

What kind of basses can I use the Monster Double Bass box with?

The monster bassbox is compatible with basses from all the major manufacturers.

The monster double bass is also compatible with pedals from several of the major players in the bass world.

How much will the Monster triple bass cost?

The double bass boxes cost $49.95.

What about the Monster two-stringed bass?

The two-saddle monster bass can handle 16 strings, 16 kick-bangs and 24 kick-tails.

What other monster bass pedals can I buy?

Here are a few other bass pedals you can buy from Monster.

The $129.99 Monster Bassbox has the same controls as the Monster four-string box.

The double-buckle Monster bass is a monster bass for the bass enthusiast.

It has two bass pedals and two kick-throws.

The two bass drums are compatible with the double bass.

The Bassmaster Monster bass comes with a bass bridge and two bass-tune-able kick-plates.

The Triple Bass Box is compatible only with the Bassmaster.

If you need a bass that can handle two kick drums, check out the Monster 2-Bass Box.

The new Monster double is also available for $49, and the Monster three-stringer for $69.

How long does the monster double take to set?

Double-bass pedals take a couple of hours to set, and they require a good amount of patience.

You’ll want to be patient with the pedals.

Once the pedal is set up, it should feel great for about a week or so.

Once you start playing, you’ll need to play more pedals to get the same effect.

What if I need to change the tone?

You can use the pedals as a second bass to switch between the basses.

You can also use the double-bass pedal to change to another bass.

How can I tell if my pedals work?

Check your pedal output.

If it sounds good, the pedals should be working fine.

If they don’t, you may need to tweak the settings or change the amp.

If the pedals sound great, but they sound too warm, adjust the amplifier and bass to get a more comfortable playing tone.

If your pedals are too hot, try adjusting the amp and/or bass settings.

Can I use my Monster bassbox with other players’ basses?

You may want to use your Monster bass to play with other people’s basses if you want to get more comfortable.

How about a bass guitar?

The bass guitar pedal is a good alternative for bass players who like to play together.

It can be plugged into the Monster box, and a pair of Monster guitar pedals will connect to the guitar.

The pedal controls bass tone and volume.

How will my Monster triple-bass box sound with a Monster kick drums?

The triple bass box will be different from the monster box, because you’ll use kick-ramps instead of kick drum pads.

The triple-basket monster bass has two kick and two stomp drums.

How is the monster triple bass different from a bass box?

The tri-bass is a bass for bassists who want to play bass pedals together.

The tri bass is made of a triple bass, and it has two drum pedals, two kick pads


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