Israeli settlers live on top of Palestinian land, which they call the “Palestine Land,” but Palestinians have little access to the land.

There are around 10,000 Jewish settlers living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, as well as several hundred thousand Palestinians, who have a claim to the same land.

Some of them are Israeli citizens, and most live on private Palestinian land.

In the West Jerusalem area, there is little land, and Palestinian villages are only a few kilometers from Israeli settlements.

In many cases, the settlers live off the land, either illegally or on military bases.

While the Israeli government has been trying to push through a law to make more of the land available for Palestinian use, the issue has been bogged down in the courts for years.

The Jerusalem Municipality recently issued a plan to build an Israeli settlement on the site of the old Jewish settlement of Migdal al-Qasr, which it said would be developed in the city and would include a grocery store, a market, and a new university.

The plan also called for a new village in the area, which was initially rejected by the municipality.

But the Palestinians rejected the plan as well.

Now, the municipality wants to build the new settlement on top a former Jewish settlement, known as Maale Adumim, and expand it to include more Palestinians.

The Palestinians are pushing back, and the Jerusalem Municipalities plans will be voted on in the Israeli parliament this month.

The West Bank residents want the land they are trying to use for their future homes, while the settlers want to build a new Jewish settlement.

The settlers want the new Jewish community to be built in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli government says the settlers are only interested in building a grocery and market in the village, and it has rejected the proposal as well, arguing that it is in violation of international law.

The Palestinian residents say that the plan does not even apply to the village and will be applied to the area that will eventually become the West Gaza Strip.

This dispute has caused Israel to suspend the construction of the new settlements, which were approved by the government in March.

The situation is expected to be resolved in the coming months.

Israel’s current plan to move forward with the construction and expansion of the settlements is to move the main Israeli settlement, Maale Tzion, to the West bank and expand the Jewish settlement to include the area of the future West Bank city of Hebron.

Israel has also announced plans to build another Jewish settlement on a small Palestinian outpost in the same area.

A Palestinian official said on Tuesday that the Palestinians would appeal against the construction.

The plans are also expected to attract international condemnation.

The European Union has said that the expansion of settlements in the Palestinian territories violates international law, as it has the potential to be used to settle disputes in the future.

In March, the EU’s chief executive, Jean-Claude Juncker, said that Israel should not be allowed to expand settlements further, and said it would be the EU and the international community’s “responsibility” if they were to follow through.

The United Nations says that the settlements violate international law and that the settlement of Palestinian territory should be rejected.

The international community, however, is also calling on Israel to refrain from building new settlements in occupied East Jerusalem.

The issue has brought to the fore the issue of settlements on occupied Palestinian land and whether the Israeli authorities are justified in moving forward with such plans.

The settlement plan has drawn attention from some international organizations, which are also calling for the Palestinian Authority to stop building new structures in the territories.

Some UN officials have called on the Israeli prime minister to take a hard line on settlement building.

“The UN is deeply concerned that the Israeli Prime Minister is proposing to further expand settlements on Palestinian land in the territory,” said Israel’s envoy to the UN, Danny Danon.

“We call on the Government of Israel to immediately and forcefully stop these plans and to respect the legal and political framework for the creation of new settlements.”


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