The bubble bass is an invasive species that was recently spotted in the U.S. and Canada, but the species is still not widely known.

Now, a new study has revealed the species to be an invasive one.

The study, published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, was led by wildlife biologist Robert M. Pfeifer at the University of Texas, Austin.

It was published in PLOS ONE.

Bubble bass is a member of the species Dicrocarpus sp. and is commonly found in the Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as South Africa and Asia.

In the U!

S., it is known as D. b. bifida, a reference to the Spanish word for “bubbler.”

In the study, Pfeif and colleagues examined more than 100 different samples of D. sp. collected in Texas and in New York City from the 1970s to the mid-2000s.

The samples were collected at different locations in Texas, New York, Louisiana, and New Jersey.

Bubbler is a common name for this species and it was not known until this study that it is an important pest.

In the paper, Pfffif and his colleagues identified at least three different species of bubble bass at different points in the time period they studied.

In one of the samples, the researchers collected from a pond in the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans, Louisiana.

The other samples were in Louisiana and Florida, and the third was collected in New Jersey and New York.

The species was discovered at the end of a large storm in a pond about 200 feet deep and about 30 feet in diameter.

At the time, it was located in the middle of a massive storm.

Pffffffif said that a lot of the other species that they sampled were also found there.

The team also identified four other species of species in the pond that they found in a separate area.

They were all found in New England.

Bufo briggs, or Bufo bilbo, was discovered in Florida.

It is a freshwater fish found in freshwater rivers and streams.

It has a flattened head and has a yellow body coloration that is similar to the coloration of some of the Atlantic cod that were caught in that pond.

Pflug, a common freshwater bass species, was also found in Florida and was found in an area near New York and Louisiana.

The study was also led by ecologist Mark M. Nesbitt of the University at Buffalo in New, York.

He is the lead author of the study.

Pfffifer said that this was the first time that the species has been identified in the United States.

He noted that other species are often found in different parts of the country.

The researchers also identified a new species, Bubble bass, in the same pond in which the new species was found.

Bubbles are also common species in Florida waters.

The paper also showed that this species can be found in all habitats.

Pfdif said there are three habitats where they are found, the shallow-water, medium- to deep-water and high-water areas.

Pfeifer said they are not the only species that are found in wetlands.

He said there is a variety of species that live in marshes.

For example, there is an aquatic grass called the black knotgrass that lives in marsheds in Florida, Florida Keys and Florida.


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