An international competition has been launched to determine how the UK and Ireland contributed to the creation of the Brexit story and the Brexit process.

Key points:Dublin’s Bass University has been awarded the £30,000 prize in the Global Impact competitionDublin university’s Bass Lab is to be the first in the UK to compete in the International Impact ChallengeDublin City Council is set to decide on the winner on WednesdayDublin is to host the first ever Global Impact Competition, which will see the prize fund a prize fund for international academics, creative thinkers and policy makersDublin has won the inaugural Global Impact Challenge, which recognises “innovative projects that enhance the global conversation on innovation, creativity and creativity”.

The International Impact Competition was established by the International Council for Sustainable Development (ICSD) and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) to encourage the world to tackle “global challenges through innovation, creative thinking and creative partnerships”.

The competition is part of the Global Innovation Summit that the city will host this week, where Dublin is set for the launch of the new Sustainable Economy programme.

Dublin will also host the Global Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurs (GEESSE) Summit next week.

“The Global Impact Prize is the first of its kind for the International Innovation Challenge, and the first for Dublin,” said Dublin City Council’s Chief Executive Councillor Michael McGrath.

“Dublin was the first city in Ireland to receive the prize and I want to congratulate Bass University for taking the initiative to launch this exciting competition.”

The Global Entrepreneur Challenge, established by IISS and the ICSD, is a competition which aims to encourage businesses and organizations in their global ambitions.

It is open to any member country, and includes a prize of up to €50,000, which is shared between the organisation and the organisation hosting the competition.

The first winner of the competition will be announced in October.

Dubai is to receive €30,001 and €17,000 respectively, from the prize, with a further €10,000 from the ICSS.

The Global Innovators’ Challenge, also open to countries, will see €50 and €10 million awarded, with the ICDS receiving €10 and €7 million respectively.

Dubra will receive €9 million.

The ICSS Global Impact Awards, which are based on the Global Influence Index, will also see €1 million awarded.

Dubreagh’s Bass Institute is set up by Dublin City and the city is hosting the inaugural International Impact competition.

Dubrogh, the Bass Institute’s founder, said the inaugural competition will help boost the country’s international standing and showcase the “innovation and creativity” of the Bass Lab.

“I am pleased to see that this competition has become a successful event, particularly for Bass and the Bass community as a whole, as it has demonstrated how the global economy can work in collaboration with the global community,” he said.

“Innovation is an area of global importance and the global impact of innovation and creative thinking is a global issue, and Ireland is a place where innovation can play a major role in the fight against climate change.”

Dublin Council is planning to launch the Sustainable Economy Programme at the city’s city hall on Tuesday.

The Mayor said the launch will be the biggest public event in Dublin in over a decade, and will see a series of events including a “Green City Week”, a launch of new restaurants, and a “Housing and Land Development Forum” with local business representatives and experts.

“We are delighted to partner with the Bass University and the Dublin City University to bring this event to the city,” said the Mayor.

“Our goal is to show that Dublin is a hub of innovation in this space and to promote the importance of innovation to the global economic development agenda.”

Dubra is the third city in the EU to host an international event in the event of a major global event.

The first was the Dublin Convention of 1751, which saw a series, a series.


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