The Fender precision Bass Pro is a true workhorse of a bass drum and guitar, with a wide range of features to make it a versatile tool for all genres.

In fact, it’s a guitar amp, bass guitar, and bass boat, all rolled into one.

We’ve been using the Precision Bass for years, and have a few favorite uses for it: as a bass, guitar, or bass boat; as a stand-alone, fully-featured, and versatile bass amp; and as a guitar bridge.

But when you need something a bit more flexible, or just want to experiment with different sounds, the Precision’s flexible construction means it’s the perfect bass amp for playing acoustic guitar or bass on a bus or a stage.

Here are our favorite bass amp projects and ideas for you.


Fender Bass Pro – The Fenders Precision Bass is a top-shelf amp that can play many different types of acoustic instruments.

It’s an easy choice for guitarists, bass players, or anyone with an open mind.

But it can also be used as a solo instrument or as a dedicated pedal amp for vocals.

The Precision’s powerful motor allows for plenty of power, with plenty of room for tuning and adjusting the bass tone.

And the Precision is a powerful, versatile instrument, too.

We love that the Precision can be used for a variety of purposes, including bass, bass boat and guitar.

It has a classic Fender look, with bright yellow trim and the signature Fender nameplate on the side.

The F-shaped bass knob offers plenty of easy control.

You can also use the F-shape knob to tweak the tone of the Bass Pro’s two pickups and a pair of preamp tubes.

And there’s a ton of room to fit a pair or two pedals in the Fenders bass amp cabinet.

The bass amp also has a volume control that lets you choose between a “sustained” or “low-frequency” setting.

The Bass Pro offers plenty more.

The amp comes with two pickup switches, two amp-level controls, and a power switch.

There’s also a tone switch and a toggle switch on the bass knob.

The two switches let you tune and adjust the bass amp’s bass response.

And you can turn the F5 switch on and off.

The pickguard on the Precision bass is made of aluminum, while the two pickups are made of steel.

Both pickups feature a black Fender logo on the underside.

The tone switch on both pickups is a three-way toggle switch.

The control knobs on the back of the bass have a solid black finish, and there are three controls on the headstock that let you adjust the volume, tone, and output of the amplifier.

The pickup switches and volume and tone controls are built into the headband.

The top and back of each of the F3, F5, and F5/F5/D switch housings are finished with aluminum.

The headband has a chrome-plated finish.

The back of both pickups have a black finish.

A pair of Fender-designed, Fender® “Bamboo” pickups are built in the top of each pickup.

There are also three Fender™ pickups built into each of these pickups.

The Bamboo pickups are connected to the Precision via a pair.

The pickups are set to a low impedance setting and offer a lot of gain, which is great for bassists who want to play in a more aggressive setting.

You don’t need to worry about the bass being overloaded or having too much output, because the Precision offers a slew of tone controls.

There is also a volume knob and a tone/gain control switch on one of the pickups.

You also get two output channels and a single input for a stereo audio signal.

The amplifier’s tone controls work the same way as the F6 switch on a Fender bass.

You just need to push one of these switches to activate the Bass Tone Control.

The volume control is the same as the bass’ volume control.

The Tone Control lets you adjust a tone that you can switch between between two presets.

You need to choose the preset you want to use, and you can even set the tone in the lower bass range.

The sound of the Precision makes it a great choice for playing on a stage, or a bus, or anywhere where you want your sound to come through.

It also makes a great stand-in for a guitar, a bass guitar or even a bass boat.


Fenders Bass Pro 2 – The Bass Pros bass amp has all the features you need to make your sound as loud and clear as possible.

The 2-ohm bass pickup is a great starting point for bass players looking to get into bass playing.

It gives you a lot more tone for a bass player.

You get the classic Fenders Fender style


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