It’s been 11 years since the last race in the world’s biggest sport and with the new World Bass Championships taking place in the coming months, the focus is back on the sport’s biggest prize. 

The world’s most popular water sports event is now set to return in 2018.

The event is the World Bass Championship and will see two of the world’ biggest paddlers race against each other on the water in a series of events.

It’s a move by the International Bass Association (IBA) that has seen a significant increase in popularity.

“I think we’ve seen the end of an era in Bass fishing,” said the head of the IBA, Tim O’Reilly.

“In the past few years, there has been a big increase in interest in the sport and the amount of people interested in it.”

There have been a lot of changes in the fishing world over the last decade and this year will see a big boost to that interest, with the World Championship returning to the UK, the first event to do so.

It is a major step forward for Bass fishing. 

In 2017, the event took place in New York, followed by two years later in Singapore. 

With the IBC now back in the UK and the UK Cup in the air, there is more than enough time for people to get involved. 

“The first event in the US, the Bass Cup, was a huge success,” said Bass Fishing UK’s Andy Horsfall.

“It’s been a fantastic year, with lots of interest in it and lots of people involved, with great results.”

The tournament, which takes place in August this year, will feature 12 boats, with eight from the UK competing. 

 “Bass Fishing UK have been incredibly supportive, so to see them backing out at the last minute because of the Bass World Championships is just a massive disappointment,” said Horsford. 

Last year, Bass Fishing had more than 250 people registered for the event, with a majority of them coming from the US. 

It was a big step up from the small boats that had been competing at the event in recent years. 

But it is not just about the number of boats participating. 

There is a new world record. 

That’s because this year’s event is a little more than five months old, meaning there is still a lot to come. 

If the world record for Bass Fishing is broken, the next world record would be set. 

What makes the Bass Championship so special is the fact that the event is open to anyone, and no matter where they live. 

For the first time, the Ibaa is allowing people from all over the world to take part, and with a total of 10 events across the UK this year and the US Cup in August, it’s no surprise to see people wanting to take their skills and experience to the next level. 

Bass fishing is one of the most popular and widely-circulated sporting events in the country, with it having grown from its humble roots to be the UK’s biggest. 

Over the last 11 years, the World Fishing Championships has grown from a relatively small event to a global event that has drawn more than 7 million people.

The sport is now at a point where the biggest event in its history is returning to its roots and is set to become the biggest in the history of the sport. 

You can follow the action from London to Glasgow. 

Follow BBC Sport’s Live stream from the start of the World Championships to see all the action live.


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