I was on the lookout for a bass boat for the summer and found this listing for a 20-foot long keelboat from Fisherman’s Wharf. 

This listing has two large wooden bunks for sleeping, dining, and swimming, plus plenty of storage for gear and watercraft.

There are also a number of accessories for the boat, including a boat-style kayak, fishing gear, a camping stove, a sleeping pad, a fire-proof sleeping bag, and more. 

For an additional $100, you can get a custom-made cabin from a builder that will include a deck, windows, and windowsills. 

The boat is on display at the Fishermans Wharf in downtown Seattle.

You can get the keel boat at the shop that houses Fisherman.

It’s $180.

The owner of the boat is called James Smith.

I’m not sure how he got the name for this particular boat.

He says it’s “his family name” that started it all.

I wonder if he has a name for the boats he sells.

The owner of Fisherman Wharf has more info about the boat on his website.

Check out this video for a look at the keeel boat and the cabin, which is designed to be as low as possible, and which also features a fireplace. 

There’s also a video for the cabin.


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