Fender has a lot of good stuff.

It has a good-looking bass, and it’s made with the most desirable materials possible.

It’s also very affordable.

But there’s one other item on the list that’s missing from the company’s catalog: a bass.

The Bass Pro B-Series is a sub-$200 bass, a bass with a bass bridge that’s built to last.

It looks like a $500, but it’s not.

The bass is built to be a good bass guitar.

It also doesn’t have a kick-out or a single-cutaway neck.

Instead, the Pro B has a single set of strings.

It doesn’t sound like a good choice for a high-end, high-volume, high output bass guitar, but that’s exactly what Fender is aiming for with the Pro Brison.

It sounds great and it looks good.

When you look at the bass’s specifications, you might think it’s an entry-level bass.

That’s exactly how I feel about it.

The Pro Briones will be a bit more expensive, but Fender will be able to offer them at a cheaper price than other entry-class basses on the market.

The first Pro Brisons that arrive in 2019 will be the same as the Pro Pro.

The price will be $1,200, but the Pro will be about half the price of the first Pro.

But the Pro is the most expensive of the three.

This bass is the next step up in price for a standard bass.

The new Pro B’s price tag is $1.4 million, which is a significant increase over the $900 price of a standard Fender bass.

This new Pro will cost $1 the first time it ships, and the price will increase every year until it reaches $2 million.

The next Pro is priced at $2.2 million, and then it will hit $3 million.

That will put the Pro in a position to be able compete with the new $3,000 Stratocasters, which are available in 2018.

The only difference between these two basses is that the Pro has a kick out and a single cutaway neck, but a Stratocaster has a four-piece bridge.

If you want to play the Pro, the Stratocast is a good bet.

The bass has the same profile as the Strat.

The headstock is made from a thin, laminated wood.

The neck is a thick, fingerboard-shaped maple.

The sides are made from laminated, laminate, and nickel-plated steel.

The top of the headstock and the bridge are all made of chrome-plating.

The body is a lightweight, cast-aluminum-reinforced plastic.

The fingerboard and the sides are cast aluminum.

Fender also added a three-ply basswood top.

The sound is excellent, with an aggressive midrange and deep bass.

You won’t get any of the midrange or treble you’d get from a normal bass, but you will get a great, thick sound that makes it sound like the bass is very close to being an acoustic guitar.

The Pro Brons bass has a bass port and a jack.

The port on the Pro’s bottom is a “power switch” for plugging in a speaker or headphones.

This is a useful feature if you don’t want to worry about the bass’ battery life.

The pro’s pickup configuration is different from the standard Pro.

Instead of having a single pickup, you get two pickups on the back of the Pro.

This configuration is more commonly seen on high-output, high performance basses, and is good for bassists who want a great sounding bass that has a low volume.

It makes the bass sound like it’s plugged in all the time, and its easy to use.

There’s no real reason to use two pickups.

The only downside to this configuration is that it’s a bit stiffer than the standard pickup configuration.

It is stiffer on the neck, so the pickup doesn’t come off easily.

If that’s a problem for you, you can swap out the pickups for different types of pickup.

The back of this bass has two volume controls.

The volume control is a single knob that can be adjusted from 5 to 8.

There are two tone controls on either side of the volume control.

The tone controls are located in the same place that the two tone control knobs are located.

The two tone settings are the same for all the Pros, so you can choose one of the two tones on the bass for your own sound.

It also has a toggle switch that allows you to adjust the tone of the pickup.

This switch is located on the right side of each of the pickups.

If the switch is off, the pickup will not be active.

This can be useful if you want the bass to sound as


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