The Washington State Department of Fish and Game (DSF) is scrambling to find an additional 100 acres of shoreline to fish in the wake of the catastrophic blizzard that hit the region earlier this month.

In a press release, the agency said they have asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to approve a permanent easement that will allow them to use land for a temporary fishing facility.

The agency also wants the Forest Service to grant them a permit to construct a temporary fire ring.

The DFS also wants to create a special fire ring around the Bass River, which is currently closed to fishing due to the blizzard.

The area, known as Bass River Camp, has been closed to all boats since February 13, when the blizzards killed more than 10 people in the town of Bass River.

Officials have said that at least two of the blazes killed dozens of people, including dozens who died in the wildfires that swept through the region on July 6.

Officials believe the blobs hit the Bass river on July 10.

On Saturday, officials announced that more than 40 percent of the fire ring has been destroyed, with another 60 percent of it still burning.

The fires that have swept through Washington and neighboring Oregon are among the worst in state history.

The last major fire in Washington happened in the early 1900s, and the DFS said that it was one of the first fires in the state.

But that fire was so severe that it took years to extinguish, according to the DFP.

“In the coming months, we will be looking to the Army Corps to assist us in this emergency effort and to determine how best to use the land that we have to create an appropriate fire ring,” DFS Acting Director of Fish & Wildlife Brad Cagle said in a statement.

Cagle’s agency will be tasked with finding an additional 200 acres of land for the new fire ring, as well as a temporary facility.

DFS is also working to find more permanent ways to access the area, including using helicopters to search for other fires burning elsewhere in the area.

Officials also want to find ways to make the area accessible to boaters, although that plan could still face hurdles in the coming weeks.


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