A bass player who plays in a diverse group of music styles is questioning why she plays the same bass that everyone else plays.

Sassy Bassist Rebecca Williams said that she started playing her own bass at the age of eight.

She explained that she has a fascination with the bass that most people play, including other musicians.

She explained that the bass is a bass played by two people.

She said that playing different basses allows her to play different things at different times, which is something that other people might not be able to do.

Williams said that basses can be very versatile instruments, and can also be used for different kinds of music, such as jazz, country and classical.

Williams also said that when she plays her bass, she is usually looking for a different kind of sound, which could include different rhythms and different parts.

She said that it can also make the bass sound a bit different depending on the volume of the bass, and that she is a fan of “shredding” the bass.

Williams played a bass for two years before switching to a drum set, which she said makes her “very comfortable”.

Williams said she also enjoys playing jazz basses, which can sound different depending the type of music.

She also loves playing a bass in a different genre to her other instruments.

Williams explained that playing the same music is a natural part of playing a good bass, which has been a hobby of hers for about four years.

Williams added that her main bass is the “Randy Shuffle” Bass, which plays in the same way as a bass but has a slightly different sound.

She added that the Shuffle Bass has a very distinctive sound, and it’s an instrument that she loves.

Williams described herself as a “musician-bassist”, but said that as a musician, she also likes to play the bass a lot.

Williams is a professional bassist, and said that the Bassists Association of New Zealand has offered her a role in its board, where she is expected to play a range of roles, including a manager, a bassist and a teacher.


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