A new breed has been spotted in Florida, and it is causing a buzz.

In March, we reported on the emergence of the bass craze, which has now been picked up by other news outlets, and is being touted by some as a way to combat algae blooms that have been taking place in the Everglades.

The story got our attention because of the fact that the new species, known as bubble bass, is not only smaller, but also has a much more pronounced bite.

Bubble bass is known for its sharp bite, and its large size can make it a perfect choice for capturing prey.

The new species is also known for being aggressive, so if you see one of these little beauties in the wild, don’t just run away.

Grab it and start swinging around.

The species is now found in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as in the southeastern states of Florida and Georgia, and there are reports of more sightings of the species in the state of South Carolina.

It is unclear how widespread this new species of bass is, but it has been reported in at least two other states, and possibly in many more.

We’ve reached out to the state that has the most reports of this new bass, and will update this post if we hear back.


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