Double bass boats have become a hot topic of discussion on forums and on social media, with many users comparing them to the “Fender Jazz Bass”.

However, the bass buggy that is now widely used in modern bass boats has an entirely different history.

It is based on a design from the Fender Jazzmaster bass.

Fender made the Jazzmaster series of bass boats in 1957, and a number of other Jazzmaster models came out before that.

In 1963, the company introduced a “Jazz” bass boat, based on the Jazzmasters, which featured a small, two-piece body, and had an extra-wide, high-fender bridge.

It featured a “F” shape, which was also the shape used on the Fenders Jazzmaster.

As with all Fender models, the Jazz bass boat had a double bass design, with a low bridge and high body.

The design was quite similar to the Jazz series, and was adopted by Fender bass boats for some time, but the Jazz boats did not appear until 1964.

Fender introduced a bass boat in 1964 called the Jazzman, which had a single bass body with a raised bridge, and the same “F”-shape design as the Jazz-series.

This Jazzman double bass boat was a popular model.

While this bass boat appeared in the F-series and Jazz-line bass boats, it was not available in the Jazz Pro line until 1965.

Fenders Jazzmasters were one of the most popular bass boats of the 1960s, and it was one of those models that people were buying to use for the first time.

The Fender design was used in bass boats that had a lower bridge and a lower body, as well as in a number that had an “F”.

Fenders also produced a number Jazzmans and Jazzmans Pro boats.

Many of these boats had the same shape as the Fenderman Jazzmaster and Jazzmaster Pro bass boats.

The Fender-made Jazzman was the first bass that had two different bodies.

The Fenders design was popular with many customers, and many Fender boats had their own names, such as “JAZZ-2”, “J-2” or “JJ-4”, and these names were often shortened to Jazz-4.

Although this design was a lot more expensive than the Jazz Bass, the Fendi-made Bass boat was also popular.

The bass boat that was most commonly used in the 1960’s was the Jazzmans Bass Pro, which also had two bodies.


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