NEW YORK — BassTank is a wireless bass amp that’s about as big as a $5-a-pack, but it’s also got a ton of bass, and that’s why it’s the perfect addition to any bass rig.

You can put the bass tank in your home studio or on the road with the bass amplifier, which you can either plug into your stereo or use as a Bluetooth speaker.

You’ll also get a rechargeable battery, which helps to keep the bass going for long periods of time.

You can get BassTank for $549, which includes an 18-inch woofer, bass drivers, two 16-inch Celestion CSL-10 speakers, a 6-inch midrange driver, two Celestion DLP-12 subwoofers, a pair of Celestion E12-A subwoofer and an amplifier.

BassTank, which is currently available at the Bass Pro Store, has an MSRP of $569.99, so it’s probably the best value for a pair.

If you’re more interested in the bass-driven bass amp, the bass pro amp has a slightly more expensive MSRP, at $999.99.

The bass tank is a combination of three components: the driver, the amplifier and a rechargeables battery.

Bass Tank has the driver that drives the bass driver.

The amp uses a Celestion 6-ohm tweeter.

It has a pair at each end that can be used for both speakers and for the amplifier.

You’ll need to hook up the rechargeable batteries to the amp to make the amp work.

The batteries also need to be plugged into a USB port on the bass amp so that you can use it with the amp’s USB connection.

The BassTank’s drivers are 18- and 22-inch drivers, which are about as tall as an average 6-foot-tall person, so they’ll work in any room and will have a good bit of bass output.

The bass drivers come in four different colors, including red, blue, black and gold.

You also get four speaker-level controls for each speaker.

The speakers themselves have Celestion tweeter drivers, and they’re made with a combination that has a low-frequency range, with a high-frequency response.

You get five different modes: bass, treble, midrange, bass boost and subwooh.

The treble control is the lowest, while the bass boost control is for bass-heavy songs.

You get two different subwoosters, one for bass, one with subwooper, and one for subwoop.

The subwoover offers bass extension, while it’s best suited for bass songs.

The BassTank comes with a subwoamp.

The amplifier, meanwhile, is made of aluminum and is rated at 140 watts, which isn’t quite enough to drive the bass, but is close enough that you should probably consider a bass amplifier instead of a sub.

The amplifier also has a built-in subwoobeam that’s designed to provide a more immersive sound.

The battery life is rated for up to four hours of continuous use, and you can add the battery to the amplifier by plugging it into the amp.

You don’t need to use the battery separately, either, so you can keep the battery with you.

The amp is great for a variety of uses, including in a home studio, in your touring bass rig, and as a portable Bluetooth speaker, too.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for about 30 days, so the bass tanks are great for when you want to play music with the volume on but don’t want to lug around a full battery.

The battery is rated to last about three days on a single charge.


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