Bass Pro Tulsa bass actor Chuck Bass actor Chuck Baldwin has a history of making controversial statements, including his views on race, religion and race relations.

The actor made the comments during an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 7.30 programme on Thursday, in which he was asked to describe the state of bass fishing in Tulsas waters.

“We’re all in a race now to catch as many bass as we can, and that’s where we’re at right now,” Mr Baldwin said.

“I think it’s pretty much, really, the same thing that we’ve been saying for decades.”

Bass Pro Tasmania said in a statement the actor’s comments were “not reflective of Bass Pro Tasmanians values”.

“He has a strong track record of speaking his mind on issues of race and race related issues, and we’ve always encouraged our members to do the same,” the statement read.

Mr Baldwin has previously made comments on social media about the state and its bass industry.

He said in 2013 he wanted to kill white people with a chainsaw.

“They [the Tasmanian government] want to have a race war in Tasmania, and if you don’t kill one of the white people, you’re going to have to kill all the white ones,” he told the ABC in 2013.

The Bass Pro actor has been outspoken in his support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

In 2016, he spoke about Mr Trump’s comments about race and Islam, calling them “racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti national”.

He also described Mr Trump as a “f—ing liar”.

Bass Pro said it had “taken appropriate action” in relation to Mr Baldwin’s comments.

“Bass Pro Tasmania takes all statements of this nature very seriously and we will act on it.

Our professional standards are high, and as such, we take this matter extremely seriously,” the company said.



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